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Documents from the Spring 2015 Conference-

Contemporary Trends
Utah-talent development

Documents from the Spring 2013 Conference-

Affordable Care Act (Dave Jackson)
Managing in Difficult Political Environments (Craig Rapp)
The Leader's Role in Creating an Ethical Culture (Craig Rapp)

Documents from the Fall 2012 Conference-

Emergency Response

Pay for Performance Pre-conference Workshop: Budgeting Basics

Documents from the Spring 2012 Conference-

Documents from the Fall 2010 conference-
Mobile Application Presentation
Cedar City Wellness Presentation

Documents from the Spring 2010 conference-
Work As A Calling Presentation
How to Talk Ethics to Neanderthals
Miracle On Mount Everest (Presents a dilemma similar to the "Parable of the Sadhu")

Documents from the Fall 2009 conference-
Max's Secrets to City Management



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